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  • Rebecca Sandidge

SandiSites Presents: Dr. Josh – The Voice Of Behavioral Science

Dr. Joshua Klapow is a clinical psychologist and performance coach. He was named by Yahoo as one of the top 20 entrepreneurs to watch, and brings with his brand a unique blend of academic scientist, entrepreneurship and media correspondence. His partnership with SandiSites highlights how brand development and management can take the accomplishments of an organization and leverage those to have much greater impact.

Dr. Josh approached SandiSites with a host of professional activities. As a licensed clinical psychologist and performance coach, Dr. Josh had a diversified portfolio of offerings that were often diluted by a lack of understanding of who he was, what he did and how his varied activities all supported a single theme. The Dr. Josh brand was developed in part through a dedicated SandiSites website that served as a hub for his clinical, professional, scientific, social media and mass media work. A unified theme was presented for Dr. Josh as the “voice of behavioral science” which allowed SandiSites to showcase him as a highly trained psychologist who was the “go to” for media, fast growth companies and high profile individuals looking to improve performance. The single “Dr. Josh” web hub showcased his weekly media appearances, his speaking engagements, and social media influence .

Public demand called for creating a “Trending” page whereby subscribers could receive the latest articles, TV interviews, podcasts, or video posts that Dr. Josh was creating each week. His YouTube following and Instagram following were connected together in a single location allowing his followers from diverse social media avenues to come together to be exposed to all that Dr. Josh had to offer. Finally, because Dr. Josh is sought after media outlets, corporations, organizations and individuals for a variety of services, speaking and consultation work, we created a service request avenue so that individuals could communicate directly with him for specific offerings after reviewing his vast array of services.

Dr. Josh has seen exponential growth in social media following and has become a niche influencer on Instagram. Media requests have gone up significantly with writers and journalists using the Trending Page to obtain story ideas for collaboration with Dr. Josh. Individuals seeking services are drawn in by the accessible free content that Dr. Josh offers every day, and then can easily connect with him confidentially for individual services. Our partnership with Dr. Josh has demonstrated the importance of web design and user experience in the development and communication of an impactful brand.

Rebecca Sandidge is working together with individuals and companies to create a new web presence. It is Rebecca's myriad of life experiences that has led to her success in designing websites. Check out



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