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  • Rebecca Sandidge

Sharing Blog Posts

Blogs are superpowers for your website if the posts are shared. This might be my soapbox but here we are again, friends. Adding a blog to your site enables search engines to help others find you based on information you might not have included in your website. However, this information can be related to your line of work and timely to trends in society. Some may not want to call the collections of articles a blog. The term blog may have a less than factual flavor. Many call their blog page a news page which may seem more professional.

Guess what! Regardless of what we call the collection of articles, we have to let others know we created a new post. This can be accomplished by sharing to social media or business networking accounts. This act of sharing is very effective. An additional great way to share multiple posts at one time is by creating a newsletter that can be sent to all of your email contacts or a subset of contacts who might find the information helpful and interesting.

Check out this newsletter sent recently by Marathon Electric. Perhaps you should create a newsletter as well? Let me know how I can help.

Happy sharing!



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