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  • Rebecca Sandidge

Intellectual Property and AI

Dream job. As a child, what was your dream job? What is your dream job today?

Cashier. As an adult, I pondered why I wanted to be a cashier as a child and determined it was the tangible display of technological advances that I observed in the cash register. As a college graduate with a Finance major and Computer Science minor, I am still intrigued by technology and the financial impact it has.

A Wall Street Journal article about Google integrating AI in Google search results peaked my interest due to the combination of technology and its financial impact. A portion of AI collected in a study by Google is generated from articles published online. The online publishers rely on Google search results for users to link to the publisher websites. Google relies on the information provided by the publishers to create AI. It will be interesting to see if publishers start charging for information collected and the impact it will have on the online publishing market.



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