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Web Design

  • Rebecca Sandidge


Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Have you ever sat fireside listening to a guitarist? Then others join in the melody and suddenly a boring Friday night becomes an event to remember for the ages? We all possess talents that make us unique. When we share our gifts with others, something electric happens. The end result is far greater than if we kept our talents to ourselves. Our natural abilities transform, and we grow into an even better version of ourselves helping others along the way.

Come along with me on a journey to recap the adventure of starting SandiSites Web Design. Learn about the unique talents of the friends that I have made as we created a web presence to tell their story and share their talents.

First up is Joan with Cameo Model Management – Shi Shot Me

"Luckily, I was treated like one of her models or actors in her agency. Joan saw the skill I was hiding, and moved it into the spotlight."

More to come...

Rebecca Sandidge is working together with individuals and companies to create a new web presence. It is Rebecca's myriad of life experiences that has led to her success in designing websites. Check out



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